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Dr. John Campbell uses RUMBLE to call for JAB halt

He has been slow to come around, but finally has found the courage to speak truth. Welcome new fren.

Dr. Campbell has 2.6m subscribers on Youtube and is very influential. He has been essential viewing for many throughout the entire plandemic. He has just publicly called on the UK Government to “pause the COVID Jabs until a full, population scale risk / benefit analysis is carried out, and published for free and open peer review.” I think he might get through to some of those in the middle.

I am glad to see he is calling for a vaccine halt. It took him a long time. I don’t think he is a bad guy. I suspect the opposite, he probably thinks people are all good, so he had trouble accepting into his world view that the type of evil required to orchestrate this genocide even exists. Childlike naivety. He is here now though. If I had a way to contact him I would say thanks. We can’t free every mind immediately and completely. Baby steps.

Although I’m sure others will mirror this on yt, Dr. Campbell does not have this on his OWN youtube channel. Wonder why?

Links to mp4’s hosted on rumble are below if you want to share direct. (640x360) (854x480) (1280x720) (1920x1080)

Dr. Campbell Rumble Video

Looks like his tweet is getting a lot of views:

Scroll down his twitter, some of his tweets have under 10 likes. Not this one.

Time to pause covid mass vaccination

My name is John Campbell, I am a semi-retired clinical nurse, nurse lecturer, academic, researcher and author of numerous articles and two text books.

My specialisms are human physiology and pathophysiology, as applied to clinical practice. I have also produced many educational videos which are used extensively around the world.

In my view the UK health authorities should pause the current covid-19 vaccination programme, due to the risks associated with vaccination.

As time has passed since the early days of 2020, the number of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 infection has continued to decline since it’s peaks in previous waves. This is clearly seen in data published by the UK government and the Office for National Statistics.

In addition, the proportion of patients in hospital with COVID-19 is now greater than the patients admitted to hospital for COVID-19. This is true for general hospital admissions as well as ICU admissions. In other words, most Covid positive patients admitted to hospital are now incidental, and were not admitted purely for COVID-19 complications.

As a result of mass infection during the various waves of the pandemic, especially the huge numbers of people infected with the omicron variant, most people have developed levels of natural immunity to the virus.

This natural infection also generates mucosal compartment immunity in the respiratory tract, which the injected vaccines do not produce.

While prior infection does not always prevent symptomatic disease, it does provide levels of protection against severe disease and hospitalisation.

This means the overall risk from COVID-19 infection with SARS coronavirus 2 is significantly less than it was when the vaccination programmes were first instigated.

However, risks associated with ongoing vaccination are probably the same as they were in the early stages of the pandemic and mass vaccination programmes.

If I am correct in this evaluation, this means that the risk of COVID-19 infection has gone down, while the risk of vaccination remains the same.

This fundamentally alters the risk benefit analysis of this vaccination programme.

I therefore consider that the UK government authorities should pause the current covid mass vaccination programme, until a full, population scale risk / benefit analysis is carried out, and published for free and open peer review.

I further call on the UK health authorities to review the intramuscular injection technique used in the delivery of mRNA vaccines. Currently, after insertion of the needle the syringe is not aspirated to ensure the tip of the needle in not in a blood vessel.

This leaves open the possibility of inadvertent intravascular administration, resulting in systemic spread of the mRNA particles in seconds. This would mean that mRNA vaccine particles would circulate, in a relatively undiluted form through the vessels of the major organs of the body.

This video is specific to the current mRNA vaccines, I continue to promote the massive benefits of other forms of vaccination in the UK and around the world.

-Dr. John Campbell, Dec 28th 2022


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