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Weird. The Hamlin collapse videos are being deleted off of Twitter. Why? Feds at the hospital?

I'm reposting the video because of this. This story is getting weirder...

I saw this Gateway Pundit story just a bit ago:

Weird, the Feds? Why do THEY care about this?

So, I went back to look at the first tweets I found of the original Hamlin footage and that’s when things get (even) weirder.

Those tweets had all been deleted, disturbing. Why?

Fortunately, I think there are sooo many copies uploaded to other places already it will be impossible to delete them all. Youtube is also listing the videos as “age restricted” requiring users to log in to view. Since when is NFL footage age restricted?

What are they trying to hide? Do they really think they can make it go away? pretend like there was some devastating hit that doesn’t exist? Out of an abundance of caution I uploaded the video to more mirror sites. If you’re so inclined you may want to download and save it offline and then possibly upload and share it (of course).

“Just look at this DEVASTATING hit (not). No wonder he collapsed.”

We have a long road ahead, be prepared for moar weird and moar gaslighting

I’ll leave you with the anonymous message board Quote of the Night:


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