Del Bigtree destroys Neil deGrasse Tyson

I love a good Del Rant, and this one is great. It's worth watching and sharing.

Jan 14, 2023

Recently Neil deGrasse Tyson displayed his full idiocracy on the PBD Podcast and it went viral. During the opening of Thursday’s HighWire Del brings the receipts to expose Neil’s ignorance and it’s pretty glorious.

I extracted just this beginning part and resized it to 640 x 360 so it can be watched with a weak cell signal and shared easier. If you prefer full resolution you can watch it on The HighWire website.

[Source] - (HighWire 2023-01-12)

“Is all science just reading the cliff notes of what scientists before them said?”
-Del Bigtree

I highly recommend you watch the weekly HighWire show on Thursdays @2pm EST. It’s always a treat. Also consider donating to their non-profit ICAN. They fund Aaron Siri (

) whose team have won substantial victories that would never have happened without viewer support. I’m a huge fan. If I lived in Texas I would be wanting to work at HighWire to support the cause.


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