I took the time to read this. I know also how frustrating it can be. I have been warning everyone since the beginning but got heckled every time. My own family said they wanted all antivaxxers dead. I have not seen any of them now for 18 months or more. It's sad when you try and help your own Mother only to be dropped from the birthday and Christmas list. I have heard she is always sick now after about 5 jabs. Those that took my advice are all well and thankful. Keep up the great work Jikky, we are still needed.

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I've never been on twitter. Quite frankly why is anybody upset about censorship on twitter. It is all they do. I never use google for anything. They link to lies. It is all they do. They own YouTube I now longer to YouTube for anything other than how to fix this thing and only as a last resort.

I am so happy that google is laying off employees. They are going to save tons of money when all these ex-employees acquire one or more cancers from the jabs and google is no longer on the hook for their medical expenses. Good for google, bad for google employees. Long term: fatal to google.

Hint: Most corporations that mandated jabs said they allowed medical and religions exemptions. 3M Corporation denied my request for a religious exemption. I know they allowed at least one. So they discriminated. They discriminated based on religious beliefs. They never stated how or why they made their judgments or who did it. They discriminated based upon religious beliefs contrary to mandatory on-line training. Attorneys, looking for low hanging fruit: ATTACK!

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Not on twitter but I more than understand the frustration. It's the wildest thing to see something so clearly and the lack of comprehension in others, knowing that they are walking into a minefield. And yet, part of me, after three years now, thinks how do I move towards a space where we can rebuild? Does that exist? The old is gone, and maybe that might be part of the non reaction, that something actually does need to die, and some people with it, and all that energy needs refocus on creating an alternative paradigm. Like I used to say to temperamental, stubborn, childish adult clients that were looking for a magic pill and didn't want to put in the effort, "you have a right to be sick". It might be a small percentage that actually gets it, but imagine instead of fighting we creatively reform. As difficult as it is to wake certain people up, it's proving as difficult to refocus attention of the awake towards creation, not self defense.

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