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I am pleased to see this recent election in the Netherlands is getting worldwide attention. If you had taken the time to do simple research, you would have arrived at the correct spelling of the party, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farmer%E2%80%93Citizen_Movement. This article in WP is old, and based on the results from Wednesday, which have now been tallied, the prediction of acquiring 15 seats in the Senate has been update to 17. This makes BBB the LARGEST party in the Senate, not an adjunct or potential minority party. With a general election approaching (this was the PROVINCIAL ELECTION which decides provincial governments, and recommendations for Senators) this landslide victory was an earthquake in Holland that will affect the general vote soon. In addition, there was an election for members of the Dutch water management group, which exists separately from the government to remove some (not all) partisanship from water management decisions in a land which is approximately 33% below sea level. In this water management election BBB also achieved a massive win that will alter policy going forward. Just a friendly comment to say thanks for the coverage, and here are some more facts.

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