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This is daily links I find interesting. Not much structure or strategy. Some of them might be safe and effective “red-pill” conundrums for normies to ponder and reconcile.

If you are so inclined please share one or two a day with someone you know (and try to throw in some humor, it’s the overlords achilles heel). If we all do that we can free minds and save lives. A Decentralized Awakening.


Some notes:

I run a script that posts all the daily links to a Telegram channel before posting on SubStack.

That channel can be viewed in a web browser here:

or in the Telegram app here:

The script runs through all the links rapidly at 5 second intervals. If you subscribe to the Telegram channel expect to get 40-60 notifications in about 3 minutes time. That can be annoying, you may want to “mute” the channel.

After each headline in the SubStack post are direct links to each specific Telegram article and a link to an archive of the page. They look like this:

[archive] [tg-web] [tg-app]

Some posts have a date and time at the top. Click that to go to the start of that particular days posts on Telegram. This is a handy way to view all the links with previews in a scroll.

Sometimes I skip a day or two.

[GETTR] [GAB] [Truth] [Telegram] [Bitchute]
[Brighteon Social] [Brighteon Video]

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A collection of links I find interesting.