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I direct you to Micheal Yon in his substack.

He is boots on the ground in Holland

They were hoodwinked by the REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES like many.

BBB means what?

My Dad is 90 year old who lived through 5 years of German occupied Holland as a child

Mom also.

She's 89.

Both still here and communicating with friends who are now going to loose their ancestral farms .

Dad is stunned he says that now again they voluntarily are walking into to the cattle cars as did Dutch Jews he knew while the Germans starved out the Dutch in 1939 .

It worked on 2 of my uncles who died of starvation

Again I'm not saying it ,Michael Yon is there and has been for some time.

Follow him because he,explains it.

He does actual JOURNALISM .

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This is the link I wrote of about them being hoodwinked which is my phrase..

You can follow all his posts daily from there

There is also a great interview by Jordon Peterson I just listened to as he interviewed Michael Yon and Eva a politician from Holland who took the lead tractor in the process because the "men " were afraid to 😨 .


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Yes I've followed him for more than a year.

It verifies what Dad says also.

Some farmers have had farms since the 1400s. The Jordon Peterson interview speaks of this.

I originally mentioned RAPE OF THE MIND which Michael promotes often.

They got RAPED and so did many globally thinking they WON.

It's pretty incredible deep MIND F..k.

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