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I'm sorry, that's a wrap. MIC DROP!

Del Bigtree @ The Highwire, re: Measles -> 30% of the cases were CAUSED by the Vaccine

The Weekly Highwire broadcast ( always has golden nuggets that stick with me. Not everyone can watch the whole two hour episode, so, I trimmed out a few short parts from this weeks show covering Measles that I found particularly interesting & valuable to share. Enjoy!

When the genotype was analyzed from a recent outbreak the results showed that 30% of the cases were CAUSED by the vaccine,

and… there was a 70% vaccine failure rate.

→ Doesn't sound so "safe and effective"


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I posted the clip to a few video sites for ease in sharing:
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Please consider supporting The Highwire and their non-profit ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) here:

Source with longer segment [here]


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