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The Great Taking, David Webb - Documentary

The Great Taking, David Webb - Documentary

This could be one of the most important things you watch all year. People really need to hear what David is saying. Well worth taking the time to watch and share.

David Webb breaks down the coming banking crisis and explains what to expect. You can check out David’s web page here and download a free pdf of his book.

CHD premiered this tonight [link] but it has apparently also been on Youtube and Rumble for about 10 days.

I downloaded an mp3 version of the video and attached it to this post in case you only have time to listen. This is a video that can be listened to and understood nearly as well as by watching it.

The Great Taking - Documentary (Youtube)
The Great Taking - Documentary (Rumble)
(CHD is the only place I found that has it in 1080)

mp4 links from rumble: (854x480) (640x360)

CHD has a nice description written up:

The shattering documentary produced by David Rogers Webb, based on his book, alerts us all to the privately controlled Central Banks’ preparations for the inevitable financial collapse.

Former Hedge Fund Manager and author, David Rogers Webb, announces “The Great Taking,” premiering exclusively on CHD.TV on Saturday, December 9th at 8 p.m. ET. The not-for-profit documentary exposes the scheme by Central Bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt. Running time is 71 minutes. The film is produced by Webb and Executive Produced by Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor and director of the 5-part docuseries Never Again Is Now Global. Webb takes us on a 50-year journey of how the Central Banking systems have secretly put collateral confiscation schemes in place, making everyone from all walks of life vulnerable when the inevitable financial collapse comes. The fine print is revealed in this shattering documentary. As Webb outlines, “It is now assured that in the implosion of the derivatives complex, collateral will be swept up on a vast scale. The plumbing to do this is in place. Legal certainty has been established that the collateral can be taken immediately and without judicial review, by entities described in court documents as ‘the protected class’. Even sophisticated professional investors, who were assured that their securities are ‘segregated’, will not be protected.” That these legal constructs are in place now is irrefutable. Congressional investigation into, and remedies for, these legal constructs is urgently needed!

They posted an interview with David on Twitter.

mp3 audio of that interview:


Be well everyone.

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