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"What is Happening Throughout Our Medical Establishment?"

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole & Dr. Kirk Milhoan give a brief assessment of why they think the medical field has lost it's way.

On Friday Jan 12th Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene streamed a hearing on blood-related adverse events post-COVID vaccination. Special witnesses Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan spoke for several (2.5) hours.

If you are interested in watching the whole thing it is worth the time. Especially the first 45 minutes or so are very good.


I snipped out this brief (6.5 minute) section that to me seemed a powerful clip to share with any people you know who might be receptive. Anyone approaching the edge and getting close to waking up and seeing the truth.

I particularly liked Dr. McCullough’s comparison the the (40 year) era of smoking denial. It is apt and paints an undeniable mental picture of how the medical field has on occasion lost it’s way in the past. His example illustrates how stubborn and resistant medical professionals can be in correcting course, even when faced with overwhelming evidence.

I posted the short clip to several video sites for ease in sharing:
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