Cracks in the wall appearing. Austrian Minister of Health Shifts Responsibility for Vaccine Damage to Doctors. The most epic throwing under the bus to…
Developing Story: Australian gynecologist Dr. Luke McLindon has been keeping stats since the introduction of the vaccine, found that (50% - 74%) of…
Weird. The Hamlin collapse videos are being deleted off of Twitter. Why? Feds at the hospital?Watch now (24 sec) | I'm reposting the video because of this. This story is getting weirder...
On Saturday, September 10, 2022 top doctors from across India met virtually with doctors from 34 countries to sign a Declaration of International…
Del Bigtree destroys Neil deGrasse Tyson Watch now (24 min) | I love a good Del Rant, and this one is great. It's worth watching and sharing.
The results are inarguable. We have caused the worst tragedy in human history with these shots and lockdowns and mandates. The worst in history.
Myocarditis Was 4 cases per Million ➛ Now 25K Per Million?!Watch now (1 min) | That’s 1 in 40 FYI
Highwire Senate Hearing Highlight Reel - THIS is the (smaller) video to shareWatch now (10 min) | Del Bigtree and The HighWire compiled this 10 minute highlight reel from Senator Johnson's 3 hour Hearing on Dec. 7th 2022. Send…
I mean, really, is anyone surprised. Of course they won't accept responsibility.
Dr. John Campbell uses RUMBLE to call for JAB haltWatch now (4 min) | He has been slow to come around, but finally has found the courage to speak truth. Welcome new fren.
"Science, Facts & Data about COVID-19 and vaccines Sourced Facts Only" a PDF Fact book presentation (good file to share)
Certainly helps explain why they are forcing students to get the new "8-mice tested" booster but NOT forcing faculty to do the same.